@Elsua » KM, Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business: One and The Same

If you thought that Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business do not have much to do with traditional Knowledge Management, after going through David’s excellent presentation, I guess we will have to think about it once again, because, in my opinion, it surely has. In fact, if folks have stated how Enterprise 2.0 is the father of Social Business I would venture to say that KM is the father and grandfather of E2.0 and Social Business, respectively. And that’s a good thing, for certain, as we get to close the loop successfully, as long we move further on and don’t make the very same mistakes as we did back then. Once again…

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Great posting by Luis Suarez. Despite all discussions if we call it Social Business, if it was right to call it Social Business: There is a logical path and development from Knowledge Management to Enterprise 2.0 and Social.

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