Social Media vs Social CRM vs Social Business vs Enterprise 2.0 (via CloudAve)

Social Media:

Simply put when I hear social media I think of another channel comprised of various social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  These channels much like existing channels (phone, email, chat support, etc) need their own processes, guidelines, governance, and forms of accountability.  …

Social Business:

This is the evolution of business and is what I would consider (up to this point) the desired state of where companies should be (if there was such a state).  When I think of a social business I think of a collaborative enterprise that effectively collaborates both internally behind the firewall and externally with customers.  In my opinion one cannot really exist without the other.  You can say that an effective social business is built upon the concepts, strategies, and integration  of both Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0.  Evolving to a social business is a long term strategic approach and along with E2.0 and SCRM includes things such as culture and corporate philosophy.

Social CRM:

This is a strategy (oftentimes supported by technology) which allows organizations to make customers a focal point of how they do business.  This isn’t to say that companies just talk to and collaborate with their customers but that the customers are actually a key force behind the development of ideas, services, and products that the organization produces. …

Enterprise 2.0:

This is all about collaboration behind the firewall between employees and partners; it’s almost the counterpoint to SCRM.  …  The point is that Enterprise 2.0 seeks to improve how the company operates and collaborates with employees and partners (similarly SCRM is trying to do something similar with customers).  …

Good definitions of the different terms. We at IBM decided to use Social Business (although there is the other definition of a Social Business by Muhammad Yunus). Neverthelesse I believe that the term Social Business makes sense in going beyond Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM, And – as Jacob stated in his posting – Social Media is just another channel becoming a natural communication channel as telephone or E-Mail – although some companies believe, they can block and ban it from the corproate workplace.

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