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When we work with enterprise clients we frequently see how email is the de facto medium for many processes, both formal and informal. It is illuminating to dig a bit deeper and expose the costs that email imposes on the organization for each process, and that helps build the business case for a Social Business approach.

With Social Business Intelligence you can fish those processes out of email and redesign them, taking information abundance and human nature into account. What is really powerful about the approach is that, armed with the right tools, we see the business taking the initiative to improve their processes and move to new ways of working. As a side effect, valuable knowledge moves from people’s email inboxes and archives into a more transparent flow, increasing the potential for re-use and fostering improved awareness of what is currently going on.

Interesting take on moving away from e-mail centric “processes” (and I am hesitant even to call this processes) to “social-enabled” processes. I would even go a step further: Meanwhile it is not only about e-mail. It is about documents, too. We need to move from a document-centric to a people-centric “social” approach. Very often information and knowledge sitting within documents, spreadsheets or presentations needs to move out of its siloed existence into a social environment to be widely acessible and usable.

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