Social Tools in 2011: From Consumer to Business – Simplicity is still key in social business success

We can talk about software, features, collaborative applications, and such, but people are still the weakest link. The complexity of features and options can weigh down any social business effort. Simplicity is still key in social business success. People are empowered not by the complexity of the tools that they use, but rather by how simple and easy tasks are done with such tools. We do hope that simple tools with focus on people and conversations will be the trend in 2012.

J. Angelo Racoma on CMSWire

Make it easy to use. This is key. I remember Kurt De Ruwe’s keynote at the IBM Social Business JamCamp in October talking about the introduction and implementation of IBM Connections at Bayer: The reason why they were choosing the tool was its simple usage which needed no training.

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