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B2B Websites Become the Ultimate Social Destination

In the consumer world, many companies send their visitors directly to Facebook. This strategy seems to be based on the fact that people are already on Facebook and why should companies encourage them to leave the environment. B2B companies will understand this year that it is more productive to drive traffic to their owned property, their website. This is where they control the environment are not subject to the whims of others. Many B2B companies not only need to update their websites, but add social components like Facebook and LinkedIn shares to allow visitors to spread the word about a company’s solutions to industry issues.

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One out of 12 Social Media predictions for 2012. I believe after the Facebook hype companies need to understand, that they – and not Facebook – need to own the customer experience on their own web site. To do so these web sites need to become

  • much more social (enabled with Social technologies),
  • responsive (through functions like Click-to-call or Click-to-chat),
  • adding value through specifically personalized valuable content for the visitors,
  • mobile, which means to make the web sites really interactive and consumable on the most popular mobile devices.

Web Sites need to offer the visitors an outstanding, personalized web and customer experience. In the age of Social Business the companies web site needs to become the place2be for its customers and prospects.

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