Microsoft to Apple: You Will Lose In The Enterprise – Forbes

Apple had the chance to define the future workplace, but have been largely silent on the issue.

Here’s why: Apple has surprisingly little enterprise experience in the company despite its mobile device dominance in the workplace.  That’s left CIOs scrambling to devise their own device policy and an opening for Microsoft to bring clarity to it. Apple is officially in danger of losing their enterprise foothold. Ouch!

As far as I have seen there has never been a real focus from Apple itself on the enterprise. And I agree: This is a missed opportunity. The door was (perhaps is) still wide open. They just need to enter. Social ties everything together? Aggregated Activity Streams? And so on. If they don’t want to do it themself, why don’t they choose a more than natural ally? Very hard to understand, why they give away this chance. They had or have nothing loose, only to win more.

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