Mobile work is the new normal … but not social yet | The Future of Work… unlimited

The Future of work just announced the Executive Summary of their 2012 Mobile Workforce Survey. Some interesting findings:

Mobile work is the new normal.

Work is collaborative.

Email is the most commonly used communication method, followed by smart phone.

Social networking tools and online collaboration applications are seldom used.

Fax, large-scale video conferencing, and overnight delivery services are rarely used.

Commonly used communication methods differ by company size.

More importantly, we also found that mobile employees remain as engaged with their work and their companies as office-bound workers, and that they are significantly more productive. Finally, a majority of respondents reported that their job satisfaction would improve significantly if they had could create and manage their own work schedules.

via Mobile Workforce Survey 2012 | The Future of Work… unlimited.

Not sure, how representative the survey is but for sure there seems to be huge potential to better leverage social technologies and realtime communication.

The Executive Summary is available for free at this link.

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