Content Marketing: It’s about engaging with the 94 percent of Traffic that comes from Free and Earned

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Focus on quality content, engage with influencers, start conversations, earn mentions …

About a year ago, we analyzed 310 million website visits. Our research showed that a mere six percent of those visits came from paid media.

Organic search, in contrast, accounted for 47 percent of all visits. But our biggest takeaway was that 94 percent of all visits came from sources that a brand didn’t have to pay for. In other words, there really is only one large channel, and it’s the combination of what can be either earned or owned. …

And the more in tune you are with what consumers really want, the greater the likelihood that consumers will find your content, especially if you map that content to each phase of the buyer’s journey. …

But the big takeaway should be that a content strategy isn’t a solution for optimizing the six percent of traffic you get through paid media, it’s about engaging with the 94 percent of traffic that comes from free and earned. That’s where the consumers are, and that’s where your brand needs to be.

Seth Dotterer about The Real Secrets About Content Marketing.


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