Marketers: 85 % of the Business Executives prefer Text when making Business Decisions

Content Marketing (in conjunction with Digital Marketing) are hot at this very moment. And of course Marketing Departments are discussing, how much and which content to create. Obviously in the age of YouTube and Instagram in particular the younger marketers are pushing videos and graphics as content type. As an old-fashioned former journalist I still believe in text (although I did radio and TV for a short while) and this study by The Economist confirms my preference:

85 % of the Business Executives report preferring text over video and audio when making business decisions


Ok, just kidding. I believe in a good content mix and having all target groups to reach in mind.

Essence: Don’t forget text and don’t forget to produce valuable text, which is not only promoting your products and services. Provide information, not promotion. Don’t forget the Business Executive, who still prefers text, while informing the influencers and usually younger guys with videos, podcasts and infographics.

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