Marketing 2015: Go Mobile. If not now, when then

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2015: Go Mobile. If not now, when then:

Digital is doing to TV what television did to print and radio. Disrupt and disturb.

Digital mobile media is redefining how we read, view and are entertained. This is not a fad but a trend that will be a generational change. Mobile is becoming the default device of choice not the laptop. …

This has major implications for content marketers and the future of content marketing. …

Mobile and social media is transforming our world in not just our personal lives but also in business.

We need to design apps, build blogs and websites and create content for people to view on mobiles. Because we now share the information on smart phones and it is amplified with one click to our social networks.

via Jeff Bullas: 10 Ways to Succeed with Mobile Content Marketing.

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