Interesting thoughts on technology in the Enterprise, the Cloud and Shadow IT

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Interesting thoughts on technology in the Enterprise, the Cloud and Shadow IT.

Whether it be budgetary constraints, technical limitations, security concerns or performance issues, not every application will make it to the cloud. This brings us to the hybrid enterprise, which is a mix of data center and cloud-hosted apps and data, and networks comprised of private (hosted), public (Internet) and cloud infrastructure. …

Every Company Needs to Think Like a Tech Company

… The key to digital mastery involves understanding the new technology practices that can be visible or invisible opportunities as well as current challenges to your company and industry. …

… Technology should never get in the way of business objectives so sometimes you’ll need to build, sometimes buy and sometimes subscribe. …

Consider Shadow IT as Part of the Hybrid Enterprise

That said, Shadow IT is here to stay. It’s a sad truth but consumer tech can move faster than enterprise tech. … Therefore leaders must understand Shadow IT is part of the hybrid enterprise. Technologists can no longer have the mindset that Shadow IT has defeated them, while continuing to fight the fight against it. Technologists must embrace it.

via Five Rules For Surviving The Hybrid Enterprise – Forbes.

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