Time to say Goodbye to the Days of Spray-and-Pray Corporate Email


We need a new improved way to work and communicate. Less clutter, more clarity. Choose the right channel for the right purpose:

Many employees prefer to bring apps from their personal lives into work because the legacy tools their companies provide aren’t helping them be productive.  …

Choose mobile-friendly solutions to keep all on-the-go workers connected and involved using the right mediums. In order to cultivate a successful remote culture, think about which communication forms work best, and what channels cater to your employee’s preferred work styles. …

It’s time to say goodbye to the days of spray-and-pray corporate email messages. Workers won’t tolerate cluttered email inboxes or find their way through cumbersome file-sharing systems to find out what’s going on at the company level. If you want to engage your employees at every level and drive strategic alignment throughout the organization, decode your employee’s workstyles and find communication tools that fit effortlessly into their daily routines. …

via What Does the 21st Century Corporate Memo Look Like?.

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