Lessons on Paid Media and let us respect our Customers [INFOGRAPHIC] | via Social Media Today

As a strong believer in good, relevant, if possible regional relevant content I do find this infographic and the findings of the survey behind it extremely useful. I do see a tendency right now to invest in Paid Media – which is the right way -, but to forget, what the potential customer wants:

  • They don’t want to get annoyed by Paid Media.
  • They don’t want to fill out endless registration forms in an early stage of information discovery. Nor do they want to be called by Sales people to early.
  • Personalization is great, but potential customers are more and more sensitive, that their private data is being protected.
  • And they appreciate high quality content.

Let us keep that in mind, when talking about Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing. Yes, we all want to sell something, but let us respect our customers!


Brands provide serious value through their content, and their profile organically rises among consumers; they become a brand people trust and eventually a brand people turn to for purchasing needs. …

The lessons: Your paid media content must not appear to be creepily informed by personal data, but it must be relevant. … Brand content—whether paid or organic—must make building trust and not selling product the core effort. In a world where there is so much sales noise online, brands will only break through by providing value and engendering trust. Don’t stop the creative efforts at the ad. Make sure landing pages and directed traffic go to content that is equally persuasive and fresh.

Source: Is Paid Media Dead? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social Media Today

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