Don’t Let Process Overtake Purpose in Marketing – Jake Sorofman

It meant mindless adherence to doctrine where, over time, the emphasis would inevitably shift from the outside-in perspective of the product, the market, the customer, the business objective itself to the inside-out (or sometimes inside-in) world or rules, roles, policies and politics of the organization. …
We’ve all witnessed process that had lost sight of its purpose, where business devolves into a kabuki dance of corporate parody governed by the guiding force of sheer inertia, and where ineffectual bureaucracies overtake common sense and good reason in the daily conduct of work.

Source: Don’t Let Process Overtake Purpose in Marketing – Jake Sorofman

Sounds familiar to me. When process means bureaucracy and switching off the human brain, something goes wrong. In particular in our Always-on-world and in the digital age good managers and excellent marketers streamline processes and cut down bureaucracy based on well-informed data driven decisions – not neglecting that sometimes instinct and experience is extremely valuable.

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