Kurz zitiert: Der Data-Driven CMO frei nach Jeanniey Mullen

Jeanniey Mullen definiert auf und für eMarketer vier Typen von CMOs. Den Data-Driven CMO muss ich kurz zitieren. Warum wohl?

Data-Driven CMO

This role is for people who live and die on personas, analytics and predictive capabilities. … They’re good at understanding data but hire brand geniuses or big agencies to help with the vision. Data-driven CMOs are generally most successful in companies where there’s an established market, or in the high-tech industry where you have to be super analytical to earn that extra 1% and get ahead. This role is fit for companies like IBM or Oracle, …

Marketing Veteran Jeanniey Mullen on CMO Blueprint – eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
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