2010 as year of Social Media and more and more Mobile Apps

Fewer than one-half of marketers created either a mobile or social app in 2009, but most plan to invest in a mobile app this year. The iPhone is the platform of choice, followed by Android.

Among those marketers who already had an app in 2009, however, Facebook was the leading platform.

Channel in Which Marketers in North America Have Used Mobile/Social Apps, December 2009 (% of respondents)

Engagement was the top reason to choose either mobile or social as an app platform, but social sites were perceived as better for many top goals, including engagement, audience targeting, sharing and branding potential, and reach. Mobile scored higher on creative control and persistence.

via eMarketer

I do agree and I am sure that 2010 is going to be the year of Social Media and more and more apps. Why do I say that? Of course because we are just creating our own one, although I couldn’t convince my Corporate guys to do a Lotusville on Facebook. Facebook and the iPhone seem to rock in social apps. It will be interesting to see, how Android will be doing.

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