"… Lotus is a strategic asset to IBM like never before" – Network World

Vulcan is a concept for a platform of online and on-premises capabilities, both old and new, integrated via an open framework on the back end and by analytic software on the front end. The first manifestation of Vulcan will come when IBM/Lotus releases a set of developer tools into beta later this year.
The tools are a down payment on the forward-looking Vulcan strategy that analysts and users say signals Lotus is a strategic asset to IBM like never before.
But the big question is whether Lotus can pull it off. Keeping its promise to drive everything with standards and open APIs, such as HTML5 and REST, and adapt to a services delivery model will be the determining factor.

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Very good summary, what Project Vulcan is going to be and how important it is to IBM and the Lotus-brand. I would add: In addition it is a Universal Inbox unifying all incoming news, e-mails, tasks and allow the end-user to work on them right in their client of choice, a Notes-client, a Web-client or a mobile device.
Eine aus meiner Sicht sehr gute Zusammenfassung und Einschätzung des Projektes Vulcan und wie wichtig es für IBM und Lotus ist. Ich würde noch hinzufügen: Zusätzlich ist es ein universeller Posteingang für Nachrichten, E-Mails oder Aufgaben, der dem Endanwender die Möglichkeit gibt, diese direkt im Klienten ihrer Wahl zu bearbeiten, egal ob das ein Notes-Klient, eine Web-Oberfläche oder ein mobiles Endgerät ist.

Vulcan is aimed at capitalizing on the integration of business applications and social networks and the convergence of desktop and mobile devices, according to Lotus officials. Lotus hopes to provide a system that meshes users, content creators, presence information and other data that brings context to any collaborative effort.

A key to Vulcan is social analytics software being pioneered by IBM Research such as Vivacity, which can discover shared resources created by users and provide a “return on contribution.” Another project is DUNE (Desktop Unified with Enterprise), which aggregates data from multiple applications and makes possible unified social search, personalized recommendations based on profiles and integrated collaboration views.>

via networkworld.com

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  1. Tja, da lag die Network World auch daneben – und wir aus dem Lotus-Bereich der IBM hatten auch andere Hoffnungen. Im Sinne der historischen Dokumentation lasse ich das mal stehen.

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