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Most companies can’t sustain social media engagement because they lack the internal editorial infrastructure to support it.

They don’t have a content strategy.

It’s not that this hasn’t been a problem for years. It’s simply that social media has made the problem more obvious (and more public) than ever before.


So true. Social Media initiatives can’t be driven by trainees only. Sorry guys, your are doing a great job. BUT: It needs committment from senior content owners and creators. And management giving these people the time to create quality content. We are most of the time far away from this insight. Creating Social Media content is to often still seen as hobby. Wrong, guys. This is marketing of the future going beyond traditional events, web sites, brochures. This is two-way communication, which only works, if you dedicate time and have something to say. Content is king.

At least I hope so.

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  1. You are right, it’s about creating an infrastructure on top of content – giving “a freedom” to employees to communicate in social media environment within the enterprise. I have an idea that social media could replace business processes in some area because people are able to communicate more efficiently through social media – find a peer with required knowhow or content …

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