Marketers are NOT spending their money where users are spending their time (via

Search dominates the marketing budget

The darling of online marketing, search represents the lion’s share of online marketing dollars. Accounting for a mere 3.5% of time spent, search accounts for the most dollars at 31% of the total budget. …

Email is used a third less than it was last year

… Users spend almost three times as much time on social networking, but marketers spend about half as much on social. This is the biggest disconnect in the modern marketing budget allocation.

Destination not Acquisition

The cornerstone of online marketing has been to drive traffic to the company’s website. This kind of acquisition marketing comprises 83% of the total marketing budget. … Because unlike search, social networks and games are destination sites, not acquisition channels.

Interesting posting: Socialfresh compares the times spend online (Nielsen Study) with the marketing money invested (Marketing Sherpa Report). Most marketing departments still count on traditional instruments like Serach Engines and E-Mail. Social Media is far behind, although people do spend more and more time in social networks. And they stay on social networks.

It is clear for me that Marketing not only needs to adjust its investments. It needs to apply to the different behaviour of consumers on social networks.

Interesting question of the future: How do Corporate Web Sites interact with Social Networking sites? How do they integrate and interact? How much social needs to be functionally available on Corporate Web Sites? What is going to be the exceptional web experience of the future, in particular in B2B? What role is Mobile going to play?

I believe that we are going to have different online entry points to your companies offerings. People are coming from Social Networks, from YouTube, from Search and E-Mail. And more and more they want valuable, trusted information and dialog instead of pure one-way information presentation. Mobile is only going to accelerate this.

Your take?

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