Harold Jarche » Conversations and collaboration

With up to 90% of our work requiring tacit knowledge, the role of enterprise content management is just a minor contribution in how we get work done. Investment needs to done in processes that support conversations and collaborative work as well as tools that support them. …

If 90% of the knowledge needed to get work done is not supported by enterprise software or organizational learning departments, then there is a significant imbalance in most organizations today. Any time you wonder why things aren’t working in your organization, it’s because you’re in a system optimized for only one tenth of what you need to get done.

Great statement on the value of social software and collaboration tools. ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is – like the name says – a management tool for content, needed to manage the rising amount of content and secure it for compliance reasons. It needs to be supplemented by tools supporting networking, collaboration and (real-time) communication.

Thank you, Joachim Niemeyer, for twittering this valuable link.

Posted from Digital naiv – Stefan63’s Blog

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