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Enterprise 2.0: A Transition From Destination Site To Platform Services (Collaborative Thinking)

Trend: The focus of “Enterprise 2.0”-related solutions will expand from social network sites to social applications hosted on the social network site itself and social networking services capable of adding social context to productivity suites, collaboration tools, enterprise portals, business processes, and mobile applications. …

Detail: In general, the first wave of Enterprise 2.0 was arguably tool-based (e.g., stand-alone blogs, wikis). The second wave of Enterprise 2.0 focused on enabling an enterprise-wide destination (e.g., a “Corporate Facebook”) which acted as a community and connectivity hub for employees. More accurately, we might describe this type of platform as a social network site (Reference Architecture For Social Network Sites). The third wave of Enterprise 2.0 is moving in two directions virtually in parallel to each other.

The initial direction is to support social applications hosted on the social network site itself. The most common examples I’ve seen so far are innovation/ideation solutions but organizations will likely want to construct their own community-like applications on top of their social network site as well. …

This horizontal trend is the second direction within this third wave of Enterprise 2.0 implementations. Social networking services will enable organizations to take social data within the social network site and surface that information contextually within another system (e.g., productivity suites, collaboration tools, enterprise portals, business processes, and mobile applications).


Very interesting posting. Mika Gotta avoids the term Social Business, but I do believe he is exactly pointing in this direction (without taking the Enterprise-internal and the outside reaching persepctive into consideration in this posting). Nevertheless a good look into the near, very near future.

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