Social Business: "To reach mainstream, we need to talk mainstream | Shakespeare’s Daughter"

With all the content of Social Business in mind, tailor your wording to your audience – and their position in the adoption lifecycle. This might involve coming up with new, more specific term.

Take my company BASF as an example. Internally, we never talked about “Enterprise 2.0″. I only use this term when presenting at conferences. To stress the business value, we even avoided the adjective “social”. Our global, internal platform is an “Online Business Network”. It’s known under the name “connect.BASF” – because that’s exactly what it does.


Great Posting and recommended reading. We (as a Marketing guy I a allowed to make this statement) tend to use buzzwords and satisfy ourselves in academic or “webific” inner circle discussions. Those are important to work out the key points and definitions, share and discuss ideas.

But much more important is the value proposition for the business. How does HR benefit from Social Software? Why should a web site become social? And as Cordelia posts in particular here in Germany we might even need to avoid the word “social”. Let us focus on really talking business and value!

And I do hope, that the IBM Social Business Jam between Februray 8 – 11 will help us to work on these value propositions. Be part of the discussion!

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