Old Marketing Playbooks are dead – We need YOU, Social, Content and PR Guys

What is Inbound Marketing? - by HubSpot
What is Inbound Marketing? – by HubSpot

I am a strong believer in quality content and try to push that as much as I can. My recent German language blog entry on Content Marketing will be live in English language as soon as possible. Stay tuned. Here are some impressive numbers on the failure of old Marketing and the alignment we need between Social, Content and PR Jobs:

As Hubspot reports, 86% of people skip TV ads, 91% unsubscribe from email lists, 44% of direct mail is never opened, and hundreds of millions of people are on the “Do Not Call” list. In today’s consumer jaded marketing world, they make a compelling case for the power and necessity of stealthy inbound marketing.

…If we look at the similarities within each discipline we quickly see the crossovers and begin to accept that maybe, just maybe, the PR job is not terribly different from a social media or content marketing job.

Parallels Between Social, Content, and PR Jobs

  • Topline definition: At their core, all 3 are storytelling disciplines.
  • Goals: All 3 aim to garnerbrand impressions and drive traffic.
  • Channel: All 3 require 3 party validation and interest in your story to work (PR = journalist/blog, social = fans sharing, content = search engines and fans and journalists).
  • Skill Sets: All 3 are impossible if you don’t have writing and communication skills.
  • Measurement: All 3, if done properly, are highly analytical and require close monitoring in order to iterate successfully.

via Rethinking Today’s Inbound Marketing Mix | Social Media Today.



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