32% of employees are willing to purchase Collaboration Tools to be as productive as possible|TechRadar

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In today’s BYOD environment, it’s essential for employees to access the right information at the right time, from any device and in any location. According to Forrester, employees are beginning to purchase whatever devices and collaboration tools they need, whether company-sanctioned or not. In fact, approximately 32% of employees are willing to purchase collaboration tools to be as productive as possible. To not hinder this new way of working, IT teams must be the guardians that walk the fine line between enablement and control.

via 3 critical mobility components that help IT managers sleep at night | News | TechRadar.

It is really a fine line. For sure it is not acceptable that employees use consumer apps to share or work on or with enterprise data. But I do see the Security fanatics restricting the abilities on the devices, so that employees, who want to be productive and have great user experience, get frustrated. Perhaps they try to find ways around the security systems, perhaps they will stop using their own devices for work. Both is not in the sense of the employer.

Yes, we need to ensure the security. And yes, we need to provide enterprise ready, secure, user-friendly apps, employees love to use. Let us focus on the opportunity, while being aware of the risks and reduce them. But let us not demotivate and frustrate the employees through to high security walls. We can’t stop the mobile transformation anyway.

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