Social Tools are in the Organizations – Those with formal Strategy succeed

Interesting report by McKinsey. Social Tools arrived in business, but there is still space for improvement. Those organizations implementing specific practices that support organizational change are gaining the greatest benefits:

The fully networked organizations are also more likely to establish formal strategies around the usage of social tools; taken together, these practices and strategies create an environment that’s better suited to achieving value from technologies. …

The shares of companies using some kind of social technology in their business, overall and on mobile devices, is high but leveling out. Eighty-two percent of respondents say their companies use at least one tool (compared with 83 percent in 2012), and 67 percent report the use of at least one tool on mobile (compared with 65 percent in 2012).  …

Videoconferencing and social networks are used most often in the business.
Videoconferencing and social networks are used most often in the business.


via Organizing the networked enterprise for change | McKinsey & Company.

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