The Millennial Generation is (not only) Re-Defining the Web Experience


Some great points by Gerry McGovern. People – in particular the Generation Y – doesn’t believe any more in authority like the previous generations. Not information overload is their challenge. They use the web for information emancipation – as long as they have free access to information not being manipulated, monetized or “advertised” by economic interests.

The Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Digital Natives, … are skeptical, particularly about authority and the system. They look to their peers rather than the experts, because they know the experts have been so wrong so many times before. … Basically, they don’t trust the message. They’ll figure things out for themselves because they’ve got search and social. …

We must design our websites for speed, for simplicity, because the millennials are just the spear point of a world that has got a taste for doing things for themselves, for doing things quickly and easily. We are seeing a historical rebalancing of the relationship between the individual or community and the systems and organizations that are used to govern and control them.. …

With the web, there has been a bursting of the dam. I used to worry about information overload, but that worry was misplaced. Really, it’s information emancipation that has happened. My parents would never question authority figures, whether they were doctors, teachers, priests or politicians. …

Brands and politicians have had an unfair advantage over citizens and consumers. We now have a more level playing field. Organizations need to radically change. We can’t market at or talk down to people anymore. We have to listen and respond. Organizations need to embrace a service culture if they want to be part of the future.

Millennials are not a generation. Millennials are an attitude.

via The Millennial Generation is Defining the Web Experience.

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