The sad Truth about Enterprise Collaboration and the Lack of Agility in Enterprise Software

Interesting thoughts from Cecil Dijoux on Collaboration and the hurdles to get things rolling:

People who are not digital literate won’t see the value of online collaboration tools, especially if they don’t collaborate in the first place. In other words, technology is more an obstacle than an enabler to create a culture of collaboration. …

Online collaboration tools are used to scale collaboration throughout the organization. If there is no collaboration in the enterprise, you ain’t gonna scale anything but frustration. …

… , I have learnt that technology, initially, creates a barrier between me and the teams. Technology brings friction (the projecter doesn’t work, people don’t know how to change this laptop/application setting or to find this information), especially with enterprise software where usability has never been a real concern : this is a major obstacle to the required seamless flow for collaboration to emerge. …

Last but not least the major issue with enterprise software is its lack of agility. Say you need to change a part of the process. With post-its you just replace it : cost is about 30 seconds of your time. If you need to change your process implemented within an online tool : costs are … oh dear ! you don’t even want to compute it nor think about all the headaches.

via Myths of the 21st century organization and the sad truth about enterprise collaboration | #hypertextual.

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