Enterprise Mobility: Educate Employees and provide them with Tools they want to get Work done

An enterprise mobility strategy is, no doubt paramount and, less than half of the organizations surveyed have one in place.

That leaves businesses vulnerable considering that, according to the survey, 77 percent of workers use personal devices to access work data; 70 percent use employer issued devices to access public Wi-Fi; 64 percent use consumer cloud files storage for corporate work files; 61 percent have forwarded corporate work files to their personal email (there’s even a famous case) and 60 percent have taken a photo of collaborative work.

Still, the impetus in the enterprise is to move forward despite the risks.

Source: Mobility Brings Big Opportunities, Big Concerns #GartnerSYM

The last statement is the important one. Yes, there are risks associated with using mobile devices. But trying to ban mobile will fail. And making mobile devices and tools unusable through restricting functionality under the guise of security will not be effective either. We need to educate employees and provide them with tools they want and need to get work done! Tools, which are user-friendly providing an equal experience like the apps people know and use in their private mobile life.

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