Build Contextual Intelligence into the Digital Workplace OR add a Layer of Intelligence to Everything the Worker does

I really like this article very much and here some key quotes:

Digital workplaces must extend beyond technologies that simply connect individuals to one another via calls, video, emails and messaging, and evolve to virtual persistent team workspaces that minimize distractions and maximize engagement. …

One risk to the digital workplace is that workers will become inundated with siloed voice, messaging, video, collaboration and general business applications.

Unless workers can access these tools through a single, unified interface across all preferred mobile and desktop devices, productivity will be negatively impacted as workers spend more time toggling back and forth between apps than actually using them. …

Consider today’s worker preparing for a conference call, who might have to scan through a long history of email exchanges with other participants to pull up relevant conversations, or search through thousands of files to find the ones germane to the particular call and topic. …

This is a considerable time investment, and the inability to find this information quickly often leaves the worker unprepared to make the conference call a fully productive one.

Building contextual intelligence into the digital workplace automates the process of providing business users with only the information pertinent to the task at hand. The digital workplace isn’t about more devices, applications and data. It’s adding a layer of intelligence to everything the worker does, reducing the barrage of data and communications to only what matters for the task at hand.

Source: 4 Key Components of Thriving Digital Workplaces

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