Communication & Collaboration: Generational Preferences at Work

I think the distinction in the different generations from Baby Boomers up to Generation Z is very often to stereotype. Baby boomers can behave like Millenials and vice versa. Nevertheless I found this graphic from Avanade quite useful illustrating the different working and communication styles:

generational-preferncesAnd these quotes fit perfect into the picture. The Most Overstimulated Workforce prefers to use a Messaging App:

Appsense found that millennials – 50 per cent of the global workforce by 2020 – are typically the most overstimulated when it comes to the modern workspace and the abundance of devices vying for our attention. While another study shows that in general workers have been found to be interrupted every three minutes on average and it takes up to eight undisrupted minutes to re-establish focus.

How do you prefer to communicate with your colleagues? If you thought about a messaging app, you are in the company of 75 per cent of millennials who would rather give up voice calls than the ability to text, according to OpenMarket. If you thought just e-mails or voice calls, your workplace is about to change drastically.

Source: Embrace the millennial workspace


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