Whitepaper: Cognitive Systems And The Workplace Of The Future – Creating new forms of employee engagement through intelligent IT

The article and the Whitepaper are in my opinion a must read for everybody thinking about the Workplace of the Future:

The way we work is undergoing a major shift. We expect the same kind of intuitive, tactile experience with our workplace technology that we now take for granted with our smartphones, tablets and gaming systems. Perhaps the most dramatic change comes from the potential for cognitive support to combine intelligence and sentiment for a true sense-and-respond experience. Cognitive systems will change the workplace in ways we haven’t yet imagined. The workplace may soon incorporate virtual reality tools and wearable devices, all connected to a cognitive platform. This shift is explored in a new report by Forbes Insights, in association with IBM, “The Digital Workplace in the Cognitive Era — Positioning for the Future: Intelligent IT for the Anytime, Anywhere Workforce.”

Source: Cognitive Systems And The Workplace Of The Future – CognitiveBusiness – Medium

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