Google Chrome mit Ad-Blocker – Immer mehr Anzeigen mit Anti-Adblocking Code

Nun baut auch Google ab 15. Februar einen Ad-Blocker in Chrome ein. Der Kampf zwischen Ad-Blockern und Anti-Ad-Blockern in Browsern läuft. Ach ja, eine Coalition for Better Ads mit Google und Facebook als Mitglieder definiert den Standard, was Werbung ist …

The ad-blocker arms race heats up: The war over online ads, with users and ad-blocking browser extensions on one side, and marketers and publishers on the other, reached new heights in 2017. One of the biggest developments was Google’s decision to add a native ad-blocker to its Chrome browser, which has more than 60 percent market share. Google’s blocker will go into action on Feb. 15; it will block only ads deemed overly intrusive under a set of standards laid out by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that includes Google, Facebook and other companies that are highly dependent on advertising revenue.But while Google’s move was high-profile, thousands of the world’s top websites have been waging a quieter war against ad-blocking technologies, researchers at the University of Iowa have determined. The researchers developed a system that analyzed the top 10,000 websites on Internet traffic monitor Alexa, and found that 30.5 percent of of them employed anti-adblocking code, a much higher percentage—up to 52 times as many—than previous studies uncovered.

POV: … As the researchers note, the adblocker versus anti-adblocker war will likely escalate as the year unfolds:

It is crucial that adblockers are able to keep up with anti-adblockers. Moreover, the increasing popularity of adblocking has already led to various reform efforts within the online advertising industry to improve ads …However, to keep up the pressure on publishers and advertisers in the long term, we believe it is crucial that adblockers keep pace with anti-adblockers in the rapidly escalating technological arms race.

via Digital Transformation Digest: Amazon and Salesforce’s Move Away from Oracle, Adblocker War Heats Up, Tech Conferences to Watch | Constellation Research Inc.

Und wann kommt der Ad-Blocker in der Google Suche? Nur mal so gefragt.

Alternativen zu Google & Co.: Ich bin seit geraumer Zeit auf Firefox Quantum und sehr zufrieden. Als Suche experimentiere ich mit Qwant. Macht bisher auch einen guten Eindruck.

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