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Have we been brainwashed into thinking that everything must show production of tangible results because of decades of thinking this way? This behavior reflects management methods that stem from the industrial era where “production” was the driver of results.  We have become so obsessed with results that we’ve failed to understand what, besides production thinking, creates results.

The failure of social is centric to not comprehending the value of intangible things that create confidence and trust with the “people” who influence the “production” of things that create results. In a world of connected relations producing confidence and trust isn’t based on measuring a result. It is about “producing the right intents“, confidence and trust with people.

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My opinion: As long as Marketing is only measured on “hard facts” and results (number of leads, pipeline, win revenue), we will have the question of “hard” ROI of Social Media. Do I see a change in thinking? No, we are number and pipeline-driven and I do not see a change in the near future.

Customer relationship (in the true meaning), trust, dialog is somewhere … in the back, in the cloud, … somewhere.

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