4 of 10 iPhones Sold to Enterprise Users – (Not only) The walls of traditional Enterprise IT break down

The idea is pretty much dead that the iPhone is just for your personal life. But to see that 40 percent of iPhone sales are for the enterprise is a bit of shocker.

Will Android devices have the same potential? We think so. It’s not your uncle’s enterprise anymore. It’s mobile. It’s more savvy to the emerging apps universe. Android fits into that scope.

A mobile device has to be awesome enough to be used for both personal and business use. Apple accomplishes that and the Android is getting there, too.

Interestingly enough RIM is not mentioned. They are coming from the business side of the hosue, but for sure they are oine of the valid plaxers, perhaps the traditional one focused on business usage. Nevertheless they are around and do need to open more and more to the consumer market.

It is obvious for me, that barriers are breaking down: The barriers of private and business usage. The barriers of the Enterprise IT with mobile devices, smart phones, tablets flooding in (which will cause IT departments headaches). And – last but least – we need to think about, if in general the barriers of the Enterprise are going to break down in particular through technologies like the cloud and mobiles devices, through the usage of Social Networks and Social Media and through new working and coworking models. Die Mauer wird fallen.

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