Why email is NOT good enough for communication today « Moving at the Speed of Creativity

When it comes to communication in the 21st century, email is NOT good enough. We need to encourage more educators to SHARE ideas, resources, and media using tools like Posterous! If you can send an email, you can use Posterous. Many messages we create still SHOULD be sent with a “one to one” or “one to a defined many” distribution, but many of our ideas CAN and SHOULD be shared with “an undefined many.” When we share ideas in this way, there is NO LIMIT to the number of people who could theoretically encounter and be influenced by our ideas. That is VERY powerful! To do this, we need to post content online using a tool like Posterous.

Abstrahieren wir mal die Aussagen:

– Wir ersetzen Posterous durch andere Blog- oder kollaborative Werkzeuge.
– Wir übertragen das in die Unternehmenswelt.
– Und fügen wir noch die Möglichkeit zur einfachen Kommentierung und Diskussion hinzu.

Dann hat der Autor nur zu Recht.

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