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I am currently hearing about three business scenarios for iPad and tablets, but I’d love hear of your experiences, plans, concerns, or frustrations. Ping me at tschadler(at)forrester(dot)com. Here are the three scenarios:

Sales people out in the field. ….

Executives on an overnight trip. No, iPad doesn’t replace a laptop (at least not yet; more on this below). But it’s great for email, calendar, reviewing documents, and presenting PDF or Keynote decks.

Warehouse managers, retail floor staff, medical staff, and anybody else that needs real access to apps while on their feet.


Ted Schadler lists three different scenarios for the use of the iPad and is looking for more input. Any suggestions and ideas? You can find his E-Mail in the posting.

I will add his scenarios as comment to my Computerwoche-article ( a copy can be found here in my blog, too) on usage of the ipad in business.

By the way: I guess the scenarios are valid for all tablets and not only the ipad!

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