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People with similar likes and dislikes are able to find each other and communicate even when they don’t know each other, and the value of the Internet and mobile devices combined cannot be underestimated.

“This isn’t a business revolution, it’s the power of the individual,” he said. “It’s joint action of a mass scale that’s never been seen before, and has impact on every institution, not just business. Everyone has the ability to impact thousands of people every day. If you are conscious of it, you can change businesses, elections — anything.”

Very good description of the power of Social by Paul Greenberg at the SugarCon 2011 Conference. And SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin characterizes the attributes of a Social Business as follows:

During the keynote, Augustin named social media, analytics and cloud computing as the major disruptions of our time — no surprise there. His tips to keep in mind while dealing with the changes:

  • Be engaged, transparent and nimble
  • Embrace networks of people if you want to create real business value
  • Simplify through extension of the enterprise — nobody works alone anymore
  • Expand the perimeter to the cloud
  • Always start at the client level. Deepening those relationships will drive traditional business into social business.

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