‘Silence Your Phones’: Smartphone Notifications Increase Inattention and Hyperactivity Symptoms

Interesting statements on notifications, interruptions and multi-tasking in todays digital workplace. And I do experience everyday myself the pain of visual and audio notifications, on my Mac, on my phone and sometimes even worse now on my watch. Nothing worse but getting distracted by vibration exactly in the moment, when you are serving in your tennis match …

My 2 cents: Turn as many notifications off as you can. Not only to win the tennis match to work more productive.

Finding Email in a Multi-Account, Multi-Device WorldEmail is far from dead. The volume of messages exchanged daily, the number of accounts per user and the number of devices on which email is accessed have been constantly growing. …

Interruptions and distractions continue to plague the workplace by killing productivity and causing stress. … Notifications drive higher levels of inattention, which in turn, lowers productivity.

Source: How Are We Coping with Technology in the Digital Workplace?

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  1. Any scientific evalution? correlation, coincidence or true causality? i do not buy all these anti digital news anymore. Too many without any proof.

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