The Vision of an Effective Manager versus Today’s Micro Manager

Gallup found that 50 percent of workers who quit their jobs left due to issues with management, supporting the idea that employees leave bosses, not jobs. Employees today are looking for companies with less layers of management and more freedom in the workplace.

This means companies want:

  • Less micromanaging and more autonomy
  • Faster development of new skills
  • Higher employee retention

Today’s highly skilled employees are not easily replaceable. Turnover can cost a company up to 400 percent of an employee’s annual salary. Even when they don’t leave the company, disengaged employees are less motivated and more likely to get by doing the minimum.


Source: What it Takes to Be an Effective Manager Today

As long as a certain layer of management defends its position through micro management all the nice ideas of agile enterprises and engaged employees producing better results are going to fail. And this layer of fat is very, very hard to cut away. The layer is tough and one micro manager is securing the others job.

And an interesting take on the millennial and usage of technology and the impact on the manager:

Not only do they want to use technology, 67 percent judge their employers based on their technological knowledge. This means managers must be tech savvy and able to provide the answers their reports need in real time using the latest workplace tech tools.

Source: What it Takes to Be an Effective Manager Today

How many managers do you know, which are not leaving in their inbox, their spreadsheets and Powerpoint-presentations but actively sharing, listening and communicating?

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