McKinsey: Successful Digital Transformation needs all Employees and clear Communication

Very interesting study: Transformation needs buy-in from all levels including frontline employees and a much better communcation

A new survey suggests that for their transformations to succeed, organizations need employee buy-in at all levels, consistent communication, and better people strategies.

… A particular blind spot seems to be the failure to involve frontline employees and their managers in the effort.

…. the results suggest that while C-level support is necessary, it is not by itself sufficient. …


Still, the most successful companies are much better than others at creating clear lines of communication. …

According to respondents, company leaders contribute most to a transformation when they articulate a vision and communicate actively. …


Change agents, … , appear to have a notable impact on success. Less than half of respondents say their organizations select these employees, who dedicate a significant part of their time to work as facilitators or agents of the transformation.

Source: The people power of transformations | McKinsey & Company

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