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Digital Transformation and Senior Leaders – And a different Approach to the Digital Workplace needed?

Interesting statements:

You know how the story goes: a wave of digital disruption is hitting our organizations, with the potential to change how we work. We know what changes are required, but oblivious senior leaders stand in the way of our success. …

Senior leaders will never directly carry out digital transformation and the digital workplace, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to formulate a concrete plan.

The strategy, planning and execution must fall on teams lower in the structure, such as the digital workplace, intranet, comms or IT teams.

But senior leader engagement, backing and funding is still vital for digital workplace initiatives.

Source: Do Senior Leaders Really Stand in the Way of Digital Disruption?

Anyway we need buy-in and support from Senior Management. Our Digital Workplace is still much to complex. People don’t get the breadth of functionality and options. Take File Management or sending attachments by email. Do we need to make this much easier even considering to take away options and functionality and force the way how to manage stuff? Attachments are automatically stored in a file sync repository? No other option. Force simplicity and get rid off pain points in the real modern Digital Workplace.

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