Digitale Transformation: Ohne Change Agents geht es nicht

Instead, the single most important element in driving successful digital transformation, or whatever you call your large-scale or enterprise-wide technology change efforts, is the ability to execute. …

… one of the biggest lessons of my career was not to try to change people who don’t want to be changed. Instead, find those that do and then empower them.

Ultimately, in any organization, the only change happens through change agents, formal and informal, somewhere. Let’s learn how to cultivate them and enable them to help us create our digital future, at scale.

Source: When It Comes to Digital Transformation, Change Agents Matter Most – Enterprise Irregulars

Das schreibt der von mir hochgeschätzte Dion Hinchcliffe in einem Beitrag über Change Agents und die digitale Transformation. Und ich stimme ihm voll zu.


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