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Auf dem Weg zum Digital Work Hub: IBM Connections nach der Übernahme von XCC

 CxO Kurator 

Aragon Research stellt in seinem Report, „The Workplace of the Future Starts with a Digital Work Hub“ (kostenpflichtig) fest, dass die Vielzahl der Apps zu Kommunikation und Kollaboration die Anwender mehr und mehr überfordern. Statt zu einer höheren Produktivität komme es oft zu isolierten Silos. Deshalb fordern die Analysten einen Digital Work Hub mit folgenden Kernfunktionalitäten:

Aragon Research defined digital work hubs as covering four functional areas:

  1. Collaborative content creation: Supports sharing traditional text-based content, audio content and video content in the field and in the office. „The ideal platform will support communication and collaboration with the ecosystem partners, including suppliers and customers.“

  2. Content curation/management: Includes services ranging from security, to version and access control, to automated delivery based on roles and profiles. Includes predictive analytics for „on-demand analysis of current data to help staff determine appropriate next steps.“

  3. Communications: Provides synchronous and asynchronous communication channels to „document…

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  2. Der von mir geschätzte Alan Lepofsky von Constellation Research kommentiert.
    – Zu Felix Binsack, dem Gründer von TIMETOACT:
    „I want to highlight that I get pitched on hundreds of products a year, but I have to say TIMETOACT’s founder Felix Binsack is one of the most persistent marketers out there!“
    – Zur IBM Strategie:
    „If IBM wants to get the attention of the industry and gain new customers, my guidance would be to take a more aggressive approach. For example, what if IBM were to acquire Evernote and seamlessly integrate it across IBM Connections, Verse (email) and Watson Workplace (group messaging)? How about acquiring a CRM vendor to enhance the way Sales and Marketing professionals work? How about a task management vendor to augment (or replace) the IBM Connections Activities feature? (similar to XCC, they could acquire Kudos Boards since it’s already based on IBM Connections)

    So while the acquisition of TIMETOACT is good news for IBM Connections customers, I hope this is just the beginning of IBM’s strategy to enhance and expand their collaboration portfolio and customer base.“

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