[EN] End of Year Incidents Remind Us of Our Corporate IT Vulnerabilities @reworked

Three unrelated incidents in December 2021 demonstrated the vulnerability of our IT infrastructure and the need for us to act: the Log4j security vulnerability, some versions of the Exchange server (2016 and 2019) failed to deliver emails at the beginning of the year and the Amazon Web Services outage in early December 2021. All the incidents above show how sensitive our critical IT infrastructures are, how quickly and consistently we have to react, and how much expertise we need to set up, run and manage our corporate IT.

My thoughts on Reworked based on my CIOKurator article.

Cybersecurity may be the topic for 2022, but building and managing a hybrid multi-cloud remains on the agenda alongside the migration to SAP S/4 Hana that many companies are facing. Companies will have to think about how they can remain as independent as possible in the cloud world, and potentially move solutions from one cloud to another. …

These are all special challenges at a time when IT specialists from security experts to SAP specialists are in high demand. I expect companies will need to bring in external expertise, even as they think about new ways to bundle and share expertise, for example in the area of cybersecurity. These issues and challenges cannot be put on the back burner — the incidents above make that clear.

Quelle: IT Vulnerabilities Remind Us of the Need for Action

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