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Enterprises deploy collaboration and social software to allow employees to more effectively address business problems and identify business opportunities.  This software helps users find content from which they can learn and locate other people with whom they can collaborate. Success will depend on how well the application enables users to find what they are seeking, so application designers and administrators must understand which user experiences create successful outcomes–and which lead to failure. 

 Examination of collaboration activity sequences reveals specific patterns of actions that lead to successful collaboration outcomes; application designers can build those patterns into the application to maximize successful knowledge transfer and collaboration.  ….

 This model of analytics-driven change can take on added power through the use of real-time analytics to dynamically alter the user experience. By observing and analyzing an individual’s current actions and work role, and comparing that to historical data, systems can automatically suggest not only valuable content and people that have knowledge, but also tools that will help the user actively collaborate with others to accomplish a task.

 Social analytics is still relatively young, compared to business intelligence activities that focus on structured data residing in enterprise systems. However, the basics of data analysis apply just as well to collaboration as to other types of business activity. In collaboration, as in financial transactions, post-usage analysis provides insight, but dynamic analysis–when executed and applied correctly—can add even more value.

Great posting on the combination and integration of Analytics into Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 platforms. The next generation of Social Software needs to incorporate these features to make knowledge workers even more productive! Look out for the next version of Lotus Connections!

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