Customers want a transaction-oriented, business-like, respectful customer service experience

This is what it will come down to: a transaction-oriented, business-like, respectful customer service experience where yes, the rep knows the customer’s name and history — and then is able to address the query or issue on the spot. Without risking personal data and without trying to cross sell and up sell.

So the answer to that original question of whether customers want to be stalked or ghosted is that they want a little of both.

Source: Customers: Do You Want to Be Stalked Or Ghosted?

I like this summary, but for sure the question of personalization and personalized service versus or with data privacy will keep us busy the next years. And of course I am a little bit smiling when reading the part of not cross and up sell. This is what Amazon is doing. This is what we as marketers are encouraging our sellers to do.

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