Understanding this individual, personal Ecosystem is the ultimate point of Digital Transformation

Interesting thoughts on the Social Graph and its role in the digital transformation:

Engagement isn’t talking at someone, it’s talking with someone. In order to fully engage, you need to have a deep understanding of a person. …
Understanding this individual, personal ecosystem is the ultimate point of digital transformation. … Digital interactions, especially social interactions, allow the unprecedented gathering of data about the person and, more importantly, the people that surround them.
This is the essence of the social graph that drives social media and other socially enabled applications. The social graph is data about a person, the people they know, and, most of all, how they interact with other people. It is a model of a person’s online world, their ecosystem.
By gathering data generated by everyday activities, analytical models are utilized to understand the individual human being and personalize content and responses. This personalizing will no longer be simply for a class of people but for actual individuals.

Source: Searching For Real Value in Digital Transformation

And what is about data privacy in this context?

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