Lesson for Managers: „We should embrace Transparency because we cannot avoid it.“

The very nature of digital and the web leads to transparency. Digital makes it hard to keep secrets, makes it hard to hide. We should embrace transparency because we cannot avoid it. …

We have a choice. To be transparent. Or to be made transparent. …

Throughout history, the powerful elite have controlled the flow of information. The powerful are still powerful but with the advent of the web and smartphones, they have lost control of the flow of information. Consequently, they have lost the ability to control the message as much as they were used to. …

And yet management is in total denial, living a grand delusion, wondering occasionally why people are so disloyal. … Management lives within a deep cultural mind-set of hierarchy, subservience and control. If digital transformation does not address this corrosive and truly out-of-date culture, then nothing of worth will be transformed.

Source: The Age of Disloyalty and Transparency

Couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Gerry.

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