Facebook is the new Google – msnbc.com – Who cares? This is not the problem!

Like Google, Facebook isn’t overly concerned about our privacy concerns. Keeping people’s information private is not the point, and it never will be. The promise of connecting you to people, or you to information, comes at the cost of sharing some of your own information. …

Google is fighting a lot of different wars now. Facebook may be the new Google on the Internet, but as mobile platforms go, Google may be the new Apple, or at least the latest hegemon to beat Apple at its own game. And with dominant positions in both search and video, Google has plenty of weapons to fight a war of the online

I don’t care, if Facebook is the new Google and Google the new Apple and Microsoft is the old whatever. Keeping people’s information private is not the point, and it never will be. Well, this is the point. And this is, why we have to say STOP at certain points to all these companies. And this is the real reason, why we need to fight initiatives like Streetview. Those companies don’t care about privacy. And this (not Streetview itself) is the challenge – and our responsibilty to defend our rights in particular in the Digital Age. Google, Facebook and all others need to communicate properly, in advance and educate people, what they are doing. If you want personal data to co-fund functionality, then tell it your customers. What is the deal? It is about honesty, trust and customer satisfaction. Naive? Yes, http://digitalnaiv.com.

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