Why IBM Could Be Bigger Than Facebook in Social Media | Fast Company

Though Facebook is the reigning social network, it is simply a ripple in the ocean of IBM’s vision for the new social organization. Businesses of all sizes need to think social across their intranets, extranets, the internet itself and the emerging mobile marketplace. Whether it’s about sharing information internally, with clients in a walled garden, or with prospects on their cellphones, “social is an important dimension and critical to what we’re doing,” explained Schick.

Great article on our vision on social everywhere and the social organization. Alhough I am a bit careful with the headline (typical German) and do prefer the paragraph header “Social software for business that is as easy as Facebook”. I strongly believe that this is the message, we do need to bring this message much louder into the market. Our (IBM’s) social software is top of the edge miles ahead of what Microsoft currently calls social in their offering. And we within IBM are our best reference.

Should we use the word social in a business environment? There are discussions on that saying that business leaders will never accept the term social. As long as you call it social, they are not going to buy it. There is some truth in it, but I d believe it is to late. It is Social Software and Social Media and it is on us to translate it to the business.

P.S. A German version of this posting has been published on IBM Blue Blog. The posting reflects my personal opinion and not the one of my employer.

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